Android App for Beginners trumpet,
for trumpet fingerings,
which are always with you.

[ What is it? ]

Trumpet Helper - is an application for Android, which allows you to see the fingering (combination of buttons pressed) for trumpet, cornet or flugelhorn, hear the sound of the selected notes in B flat or С. You can also see the alternative fingerings and a brief description of them.

Printed on paper fingering lost, at the necessary moment they are not at hand. Phone app, is always there.

To listen to the desired note on the piano, it is necessary to find on the keyboard and transpose. Piano (even electronic) expensive, large, and not always on hand.

No need to buy a piano

No need to transpose

Finger is always with you

No need to scroll

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[ Possibilities of application ]

Support sound

There are situations where an inexperienced trumpeter, is difficult to define a "hit" it to the desired note or not.

Pre-listen to the desired note, you will not go wrong. But on the keyboard to press a key, still need to mentally move (transpose) a note of your exercise (for trumpet "B flat")."; $MESS["FEATURES_1_3"] = "To activate, check the checkbox [Sound]. Now simply click a note and listen to the sound.

Alternate fingerings

The app allows you to view the selected alternative fingering notes, if they exist.

To activate the alternate fingerings, click on [Al.] At the bottom of the screen, then a main valve, there will be additional, if they exist of the selected notes.

Description of alternative fingerings

As a general rule, alternate fingerings are slightly different tone sound from the basic fingerings. In a brief description indicated above or below, the sound of alternative fingerings for basic fingerings and sound where it is commonly used.

To see a description of alternative fingerings, press and hold the picture tube valves.

Selecting a trumpet key B flat or С

If your usual instrument in B flat, but you came upon a trumpet in C, there is no reason to give up the opportunity to hear the correct note, simply switch to the corresponding regime.

To switch the key, press and hold the checkbox [Sound]

Do not turn off the screen

By default, the screen goes blank in accordance with the settings of your smartphone. It is expected that the need to look at one or two notes and keep playing. The screen turns off to avoid wasting battery power.

To activate the "Do not turn off the screen," press and hold the free side of the screen.